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Real progress.

Posted by Craig
Sunday, August 8th, 2004

Well, I recoded all of 2001, and made actual thumbnails for them all, so that should be working fine. It was really a test to see if that's how I wanted to code all the other sections, and it looks fine to me. That means, I should have everything done and ready to upload for monday night. So shoor for then. In the meantime, just think how much suck there is in fixing 700+ high-res pics. I hate myself for ever saying yes to this. But once it's done, lord knows I'll just bask in taking credit for it.

So until then, aideu

So good, or no good? SO GOOD!

Posted by Craig
Wednesday, August 5th, 2:20am

HOORAY! The new server is up! The bad news is, the pictures will be pretty raw for a time. I simply can't deal with all these pictures right now. But until then, I've enabled directory view for all the pics that are at least decent enough to view. Tomorrow I'll get started on the nitty-gritty of reformatting, sesizing, editing, and otherwise altering the pics to my liking. So stay tuned, updates ARE happening.

Also, the site wasn't resolving for a number of days, but all is well now, and the switch is finished, so all you have to wait for is formatting, but no guarentee on when those will be done.

Oover and oot.

And the Server Says....

Posted by Craig
Monday, August 2nd, 8:30pm

We've gotten a new server. 8 gigs of space, and enough bandwith to make me happy. And you know what that means! Updates with pictures can take place! Rejoice! Anywho, the updates are going to take awhile seeing as I have to get the backup disks of Otakon 2001-2003, and a disk of the other 400 or so from this year. But while the server switch takes place, I'm leaving all the pics that work up. Hopefully, the switchover will be seamless (at least for all of you) and then I'll get everything set and looking good.

Out for now

Late-night update

Posted by Craig
Saturday July 31st, 3:30am

Well, it looks as though updates won't happen as planned. The server is full, and without competent computer by my side, I can't do all the things I need to in order to correct this. Sorry everyone who expected to see something here, but I'll start work ASAP on sunday evening in order to make this all right.

So there you have it. Updates start on sunday. And until then, the latest news will still be posted as I manage to get through the mess.

Friday: First day of TeH c0n!

Posted by Craig
Saturday July 31st, 12:30am

Wow. All I can say is wow. Everyone was amazing! There was such a massive turnout that I could never have possibly expected! The bunnies were awesome, and there were a lot of exceptional costumes out there. Advance apologies for the sort of “phoned-in” update, but I frankly don't have the resources here to edit all the pictures, so therefore, all the images will be in a fairly raw state. You know, very high resolution ones (not as high as possible mind you) and lots of red eye. These WILL all be fixed when return home and I have my good comp.

The pics will also be numbered for now, and seperated into the following groups:

  • My Camera
    • Bunnies
    • Costumes
    • The Sign-In

And then, the same for Nelson's camera. Mind you, this is only because I simply do not have the time tonight to rename every picture. It's a major bitch. And with over 300 pics, and plenty of con to go, this is going to be a long, drawn-out process, so please bear with us. Otakon 2004 pics can be found in the navigation bar to your left, and here.

More coming, just needed something to post.

Comin' to you, live from Otakon 2004!

Posted by Craig
Thursday July 29th, 10:40pm

Well, we made it! We're at Otakon 2004. Everything has run fairly smooth thursfar. Excepting the internet connection at the hotel here that is. We will be out and about at the con for all 3 days, with updates hopefully every night. Here's a couple of pics for ya:

(Removed: See above post)

Sorry, they're not you know, formatted well. Or look good. Or that all of them were even taken well. But expect many many more of them within the next couple of days.

Out for now, check back tomorrow evening!

General Site Updates.

Posted by Craig
Tuesday July 20th, 3:00pm

I would first like to apologize for the complete lack of updates on the site. Things have changed, but dates and the like haven't. Kinks are getting worked out, and some general upkeep.

I've taken some initiative and started working on the preperations for the upcoming Otakon 2004. We will be attending all three days, and with hopefully some updated technology. Make sure to search us out. If you need to get ahold of us, shoot me an email and I'll answer any questions you have You can also AIM me on the SN "otakupics"

~Let's fighting love!